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A Book: Sports Drink and American Smile - How to Protect Yourself from "Teeth Dissolving" Sports Drink - Dentist Recommended

Scientific advance in the form of a popular book

 Description: The book, “Sports Drink and American Smile” is written by Aleksandr Melekhin, DDS, PhD, MSD. It includes a wide range of information related to sports drink (a remarkable and influential innovation of the late 20th century) with impact on oral health. There are also many suggestions, dental instructions, and helpful hints about How-to-Protect-Yourself against “Teeth Dissolving” effect of sports drink and how to get your mouth really healthy. The book is a compact and valuable resource read for athletes, sportspersons, parents and children who attach importance to a lifelong, healthy smile.

Dr. Aleksandr Melekhin earned his MSD and Ph.D. in Dentistry with a concentration in teeth resistance and re-hardening against acid attack and abrasion.

Dr. Melekhin received his first DDS degree at Medical School, Dental Department, Donetsk, Ukraine, U.S.S.R. in 1974 and a second DDS degree with Honors at New York University, College of Dentistry, New York  in 1994.

With more than 30 years of experience in general dentistry, Dr. Melekhin observed and treated dietary dental erosion in his patients.

 Dr. Melekhin, DDS operates his private dental practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA since 1994.

First Edition:  All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

Format: 8 1/2" x 11" Comb Binding Paperback, 20 pages.

Copyright © 2005 by Dr. Aleksandr Melekhin

Self-published by : Dr. Aleksandr Melekhin, 2471 Napfle Street, Philadelphia, PA 19152, USA

Manufactured: in the United States of America

ISBN: 1-59975-293-X


Price: US $9.95 


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Who, Where Invented Sports Drink

When sports drink was formulated.

United States Patent Battle.

From the Laboratory to Best Seller.

Marketing with dramatically perspiring imagery and American smile…

To come into one’s own.

The Sports Drink Industry is Growing, Growing…

Name Recognition.

Earnings Rise as Overseas Sales Surge in 2005.

Chapter 1: Concluding Remarks.

Chapter 2: The Fuel of Athletes.

Dehydration (Shortfall of Body Fluid).

Loss of  Body Electrolytes.

Depletion of Carbohydrates.

Refueling without Sports Drink.

Juice or soft drinks would not function well during exercise.

Refueling with Sports Drink.

Largest Market  in  Non-Athlete.

Chapter 2 Conclusion: Major Benefits of Sports Drink.

Sharp Technique of Hydration.

Avoid Unwise Sports Drink Intake.



Chapter 3: Sports Drink is “Dissolving Teeth”.

Link between sports drink and erosion.

Discovery In the First Place.

They found a striking difference between KMX energy drink and Coke.

A Qualified Overseas Endorsement.

They found a 30 times more “Dissolving Teeth” effect of sports drink than water.

Athletes are More at Risk of Tooth Erosion.

As sport people exercise their saliva production is reduced.

#1 Oral Health Risk Sport.

Soccer players have higher risk to develop dental diseases

Description of Dental Erosion.

Chapter 3: Concluding Remarks.

Chapter 4: Protect Your Teeth from Dental Erosion.

The Innovative Program Against  “Teeth Dissolving” Effect of Sports Drink.

Step 1: Protection During Sports Drink Intake.

Follow the simple 10 suggestions.

Step 2: Protection After Sports Drink Intake.

Follow easy 10 oral care and dental instructions.

Step 3: Protection by Application of OTC Products.

This line consists of follow essential 5 groups of OTC dental products.

5 trouble-free Action How to Choose/Avoid dental products

Chapter 4: Concluding Remarks.


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