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Carolyn Melekhina       

Carolyn Melekhina

Carolyn Melekhina, Alisa Melekhina, chess, chess player Garry Kasparov

Hi my name is Carolyn Melekhina. I am 10 years old. You might know me as Alisa Melekhinaís younger sister. I began playing chess in the middle of October of this 2008 year and I have learned a lot since then.

The story of how I started playing chess is before I use to do Hip-Hop but when I saw how my sister Alisa won so much trophies, medals, got to meet so many famous people like Gary Kasparov and Susan Polgar, and is really good at chess that inspired me to play chess. I was getting bored of Hip-Hop because I was doing it for three years so I began playing chess and hopefully I can be as good as my sister one day. My coach is my father Alex Melekhin and he is also my sisterís coach. (In the picture above you see me about to win a game by checkmating with a white queen.) I learned playing chess by my father and by a book called Chess Course 1-7 volumes by Roman Pelts and GM Lev Alburt, their great books if you want to learn chess! My father got me for New Years  
(Cause we donít celebrate Christmas because were Russian) an Ivan 2 the Conqueror Excalibur the computerized chess game that talks to you and it made my rating go higher and it made me get use to playing with another person. My mom is really proud of me! If youíre a person who plays chess this is the chess computer to buy! I hope that I will write again soon at www.oralcareshop.com again.

Impossible Test Cheat app on ipod touch (Newest update and with the 3 secrets)








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