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Dry Mouth and Medications
Salivary Glands
Dental Plaque
Radiation Caries
Root Decay
Gum Disease Affects

     If someone is suffering from even a small dosage of radiation,

under constant stress, taking anti-hypertensive medication, drinking alcohol, or smoking,

a significant increase in salivary gland damage is induced.

     People with a low salivary flow rate are particularly susceptible to heavy dental plaque buildup,

which can cause:
1. Radiation Caries  

2. Rampant Root Decay

3. Gingivitis

4. Periodontitis  

and is also associates with:
5. Cardiovascular Diseases, Heart Attack, Strokes, Kidney Diseases, Diabetes, Preterm Births, and Prosthetic Joint Complications

      The unique dental products have been developed in the USA recently. These medications significantly decrease dental plaque's bad bacteria

essential for optimum oral and general health.
Such medication treatments available for our dental private office.

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