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Chess Startups       


Alisa Melekhina with Aleksandr Melekhin. The 2000 Chess Nationals in Dallas.

World Champion Garry Kasparov and Aleksandr Melekhin at The 2008 Training Chess Session in New York.

Program Grants Needed to Develop Chess  Startups for People with Disabilities:

Chess  Social  Network

Chess  Broadcast

Chess  Time  Control

Chess  Training


Dr.  A. Melekhin,  Ph.D.  is  the  Founder  of  4  Chess Startups for People with Disabilities


 The  Actuality  of  Chess  Challenges:

Worldwide, 600 - 700 million people (1 billion over next 5 years) play chess. However, there are only 8 million registered chess players in all countries. For example, in the United States 45 million people are playing chess but only 85,000 (0.2%) active registered and just only 800 titled chess players.

Moreover, there are approximately 36 million individuals who have at least one disability: about 12 percent of the U.S. population.

Internet has significantly  increased the role of chess in the world.  Today more than 285 million people play chess online.

Therefore, top objectives for our 4 Chess Startups for people with disabilities include the following: (1) increase the number of chess players online; (2) make chess game on the Internet more convenient and efficient; and (3) significantly boost the quality of the game of chess.

Dr.  A. Melekhin's  Chess  Credentials:

 As a Chess Player: started playing chess at age of 5 by simply watching games between grandfather and uncle; USSR, Ukraine, Crimea, Medical University: Chess Club Champion (The 1980s); US Chess Federation Member #15348641, Current Rating 1613, 91.2% Score.

As a Chess Tutor: started since 1996.

The Best Chess Student: Alisa Melekhina, Life Master, Woman International Master (WIM), FIDE Master (FM); US Chess Federation Member #12726115, Maximum Rating 2379, 60.1% Score; FIDE ID #2022613, Maximum Rating 2304; Women's World Team Chess Championship (Ningbo, China), Individual Gold Winner (2009); US Women's Chess Championship, 3rd Place (2009); First Female PA State Chess Champion (2010); Invitee to Training Sessions taught by World Champion Garry Kasparov (2006-2011).



For questions, information, resume, credentials, and interview - e-mail to Dr. Melekhin:


Startup Requirements:

Education: Seeking Sharp-Minded, Passionate, Motivated Software Engineers, Computer Science Students, and High School Geeks.

Citizenship: Eligibility to work in the United States is not Required.

Legality of Contract: Confidentiality Agreements (NDAs) for Use by Startups should be Signed at an Early Stage in Negotiations.

Type of Contract: It should be Signed at an Early Stage of Business Development.

Elements of Contract: Clear Offer, Time Limit, Acceptance and Conditions, Intention of Legal Consequences, and Consideration (Monetary Payments).

Monetary Model: Payment will be Made for the Work Performed under the contract.

Business Expenses and Earnings: Low Cost Startup, Easy-to-Start, and High Return On Investment (ROI) across all 4 Chess Startups.            

Business Model: Web-Based Chess Company, which Dealing with Worldwide Competition. 

Web-Based Content: Programming Languages used in Most Popular Dynamic Websites.

Individual Features: Working in Partnership with Individual Employees Requires a Certain Personality Traits.

Important Skillfulness: The Ability to Work Independently in a Fast-Paced Chess Environment, with Minimal Supervision.

Chess Skills: Knowledge of Chess and Chess-Online is Possible at a Very Basic Level.

Essential Prowess: Ability to Work with Public Domain Chess Software and Engines.

Fashioning: User Chess Terminals, Tuning Controls, and Creating Unique Chess Game Interface.

Developing: Networking, Databases, Transactions, Chats, Time Control, and Other Systems to Handle Tens of Millions of Chess Players Worldwide.

Creating: Tools and Instruments for Ever-Changing Chess Training Demands.



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