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Dental Insurance       

DENTAL INSURANCE or Dental Financial Plan is a contract (policy) in which an individual or family receives financial protection or reimbursement against cost of dental treatment from an insurance company.

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A comprehensive and affordable dental plan makes sure worry-free dental care and relief of not paying big dental bills.

Our Advertisers offer quotes for individual and family dental plans including an option to compare national coverage: individual, family, affordable and cheap.

Click Links to put side by side dental insurance plans and decide which one is right for you and your family.

At our Philadelphia Dentist Office we will assist you in filing all major dental plan forms from:

  • Delta Dental - Met Life (MetLife) - Guardian - Cigna - Aetna - Fortis - AARP - Blue Cross - Blue Shield - United Concordia - Prudential - John Hancock - New England - New York Life - Travelers and many others
Many discount and affordable dental plans offer savings on a wide variety of dental procedures:
  • Diagnostic. Examination to determine the existence of dental disease: X-rays and routine oral examinations
  • Restorative. Procedures for the tooth decay treatment of natural teeth
  • Endodontics. Treatment of dental-pulp disease within existing teeth: root canal therapy
  • Periodontics. Treatment of the gum disease and other supporting structures of the teeth
  • Prosthodontics. Replacement of missing teeth and the construction, replacement, and repair of artificial teeth and similar devices: care of Dentures, Dental Crowns, Bridges, and Implants
  • Orthodontics. Correction of abnormal tooth position through repositioning of natural teeth: Dental Braces
  • Pedodontics. Treatment of children who do not have all their permanent teeth
We accept many types of Dental Plans and Affordable Insurances. To be confident you should call the Our Dental Office at: 1-215-332-6666 to verify whether or not we take the type of insurance you have for:
  • Examinations - Cleanings - X-rays - Fluoride treatments - Root canals - Braces - Dentures - Wisdom teeth extractions - Gum surgery - Dental implants - Fillings - Dental Crowns - Dental Bridges - Many others
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