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Dental Products       

Selected Over-The-Counter (OTC) oral care Products are included only on safety, effectiveness, and cost.

No official support or endorsement by any federal or state agency or pharmaceutical or any company is intended or inferred.

Teeth Protection Products

A toothbrush and a dentifrice (toothpaste) are the principal instrument and substance used to remove bacterial plaque from the teeth and gum as a necessary part of oral care health.

Perio Aids Products

The effective use of dental floss contributes to gingival (gum) health in between the teeth. Mouth rinsing dislodges food debris and plays a role in general oral care.

Care of Appliances Products

Total cleanliness of the oral cavity for the health of the teeth and supporting structures involves specific products for the care all teeth replacements, both fixed and removable.

Dental Emergencies Products

Dental emergencies (toothache) may occur anytime. A quick, handy references of procedures and products are very important.


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