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The Mobile Unit Dentists Must Have

Dentistry and the economic downturn
Terrible economic crisis is not something entirely new in dentistry. At this time, dentists, according to an independent survey, responded to the recession as follows:

48 percent reduced office expenses; 30 percent  laid off staff; 30 percent increased marketing spending; 13 percent reduced salaries; and 11 percent used less expensive dental labs.

Still, this economic crisis is very different from previous ones in that the demographic situation has changed dramatically:

1. In the 30s of the last century the number of older America's people was less than 7 million - only 5.4% of the population;  2. Today, 1 in 3 Americans is now 50 or older. Those people, who are now more than 65 years, account for 42 million;  3. By 2030, 1 in 5 U.S. residents will be 65 and older (20% of the population).

Also, it is important to note that the number of edentulous people in the United States now stands at 178 million (more than half of the total population). About 35 million people completely toothless (90% have dentures). By 2030, these numbers are projected to increase significantly - about to 200 million individuals.


Out of a difficult situation

It is obvious that the way out of the critical economic situation in dentistry must be accompanied by the use of entirely new methods, tools, marketing tactics, skills, and services.

At the same time, it is necessary to consider that older edentulous people have difficulties in their walking and motor abilities. 


Invention of The Mobile Dental Unit
Based on the foregoing, we have designed, created, and implemented The Mobile Dental Unit named  Denture2go  that has a number of distinctive interconnected components:


A. Basic properties:

1. Maximum mobility & portability

2. Interchangeable module structure

3. Autonomous energy & water supply

4. Directed on performance of selective dental services for edentulous patients at their own homes

5. Targeted marketing focuses on the demographic characteristics of edentulous people


B. Where to carry out procedures:

1. Inside the minivan

2. In the field

3. At the adapted premises

4. At patient's home

5. At any dental office


C. Using at the dentist's office:

1. As the mini dental laboratory

2. As prosthodontic dental assisting

3. For direct advertising and focused marketing

4. For the delivery of dental works and orders

5. For transportation of equipment and supplies


D. Capable to operate with:

1. Multi-dental facilities & centers

2. Private (solo) dental practices

3. Dental labs

4. Health care centers & facilities

5. Independent Contractors



E. Possible modes of operation:

1. To quickly increase profits and revenues (for newly opened dental clinics; dental practices for sale, etc.)

2. For the sustainable expansion and growth of the private (solo) dental practice

3. To maintain the stable operation of the dental practice or clinic

4. To stop the catastrophic decline in revenues and profits

5. Pre-Dentist way of operating for dental hygienists, technicians, prosthodontic assistants


F. Financial Highlights (for 2017):

1. Initial investment: $40,000 - $50,000

2. Corporate Support Fee (CSF) - $1,000 per month

3. Profit starts from the very beginning - operating within the 1-mile radius of the 86,000 population zone

4. Estimated income of $600 per day ($200,000 per year) within 2-3 years

5. Overhead (expense of operating) must not exceed 20%


The Conclusion and Implementation

1. Demographics is absolutely necessary to take into account in the planning, creation, operation, and development of the private (solo) dental practice

2. Proper and efficient use of inventive The Mobile Dental Unit named  Denture2go can provide solid long-term control over a profit and revenue in the private (solo) dental practice

3. Direct advertising and targeted marketing allow to create, maintain, and develop the reliable base of loyal dental patients

4. Dental practice acquires greater reliability in the prevention and protection against unpredictable future recessions, the impact of insurance companies, corporations, and government regulations

5. Eventually, it creates all the necessary conditions for formation of The Crisis Free Dental Practice in which Denture2go has become a major and increasingly indispensable element



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