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Double Floss Holder is a supplementary oral care tool for flossing. A new thread of dental floss can be reattached every time after use.

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The most common Dental Double Floss Holder is regular V-shaped, slingshot, forked pronged type. It has two fixed points and two easy-to-use tie-off cleats that hold floss tighter. The dental floss strung taut between the struts.

Indications and Key Benefits

Allows greater flossing control and effectively clean adjacent surfaces of teeth:
  • Helps all ages floss better and easier
  • Great for people who prefer to floss with one hand and who wish to advance floss after each tooth
  • Who has difficulty with conventional dental floss technique
  • Ease of access to back teeth areas
  • Fitting for parents or caregivers in helping children
  • Suitable for individuals with special needs
In combination with FLUORIDE MINT WAXED DENTAL FLOSS and Bass Method it is ESSENTIAL for:
Also USEFUL for:

Product Description and Features

  • Easy to grasp and curved - Has no sharp corners or projections - Light weight plastic, consistent with strength - Thumb rests assist in flossing - Has two easy-to-use tie-off cleats - Fits also for two-handed flossing - Long and wide for better positioning - The handle end may be used as a finger extender
  • Medium, narrow, and flexible - Fits into toothbrush holders! - Makes available for flossing mal-positioned teeth and distal surfaces
  • Individually wrapped in assorted translucent jewel-tone colors
  • L5 3/4" x W1 1/4" x H 1/2"
  • 1.1 ounces (oz)
  • PRACTIvalu Corporation. Made in Taiwan
  • Exclusively to the Dental Offices
Buy Now DOUBLE FLOSS HOLDER for $2.50 and you'll get durable, flexible, inexpensive, easy-to-use on the USA market.

Direction for Use

Flossing with this tool is easy applying the proper technique.
  • Round floss 1-2 times around left side cleat with a slot - move floss to the opposite right prong's slot on the outside surface - move floss to the opposite  left prong's slot - move floss on the outside surface to the opposite  right side cleat slot - taut floss between the two prongs - round floss 1-2 times around right side cleat with a slot. Slot on the bottom of the floss holder may be used as a finger extension and take-up spool.
The dental floss on the floss holder must be taut between the two prongs.
Hold the floss over the teeth contact for insertion.
The dental floss is lowered gently and drawn through the contact area.
The double floss holder should be pulled tightly against one of the adjacent tooth surfaces.
Start from the bottom of the gum margin.
Smoothly slide the floss up and down to clean the adjacent tooth surface.
Pull the floss tightly against the other adjacent tooth surface.
Gently slide the floss up and down to clean the other adjacent tooth surface.

Tips and Advice

Should be replaced every 3 months as with toothbrushes.
Should be replaced immediately after common cold, sore throat, fever, yeast infection, etc.
The taut floss can cut the gum in the front and back of the tooth:
  • use a rest or fulcrum to prevent snapping through the teeth contact
  • move the floss holder left and right and slowly slide between the teeth
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