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Elite Toothbrush       

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Description: Elite Toothbrush or Classically-styled ELITE - Ranir® Ultra-Soft toothbrush for widely accepted and effective The Bass method.

Handle: A. Easy to grasp.

            B. Does not slip or rotate during use.

            C. Has no sharp corners or projections.

            D. Light weight plastic, consistent with strength.

            E. Thumb rests assist in brushing and vibration.

            F. Extra long for better angle adaptation.Best Technique

Head:   A. Multi-tufted design. 

            B. Tufts are spaced closely to provide a smooth brushing plane.

            C. Narrow, compact flat plane (trim/profile) at the brushing surface.

            D. All filaments are soft and end-rounded o.oo7" nylon bristles for safety to oral soft tissues and tooth structure.

            E. White bristle or filaments height is 11 mm (7/16 inch).

Shank:  A. Long, narrow, and flexible.

            B. Makes available for cleaning mal-positioned teeth and distal surfaces.

Size:     A. Adult X-Large toothbrush with 55-tufts: 14 tufts long and 4 rows wide.

            B. Adult Large toothbrush with 47-tufts: 12 tufts long and 4 rows wide.

            C. Adult Medium toothbrush with 39-tufts: 10 tufts long and 4 rows wide.

            D. Child Small toothbrush with 23-tufts: 8 tufts long and 3 rows wide.

Colors:  Individually wrapped in assorted solid colors: blue, green, pink, purple, red as shown on a Product Image of Medium Adult toothbrushes.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1 -- Conforms to individual patient requirements in size, shape, and texture.
  • Benefit 2 -- Easily and efficiently manipulated.
  • Benefit 3 -- Durable, flexible,  and inexpensive.
  • Benefit 4 -- Designed for utility and cleanliness.

Manufactured: RANIR Corporation. Made in the USA.   


 Price: US $5.00 



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