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Gum Stimulator  or Denticator Handle with Gum Massager Latex Free (The DENTICATOR Co.) - is home oral care dental tool for fighting gum disease. Conical or pyramidal flexible rubber tip is attached to the special plastic handle.

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This stimulator at one end of one handle to allow easy and effective removal of food particles and plaque from between the teeth. It is also very helpful for germs and plaque removal at the tooth-gum margin.

Indications and Key Benefits

Latex Free Rubber Tip Stimulator is ESSENTIAL for:
  • Cleaning debris from the interdental area and for removal of germs and bacterial plaque by rubbing the exposed tooth surfaces
  • Plaque removal at and just below the gingival margin
It is also USEFUL for:
Professionally Designed for UTILITY and CLEANLINESS
Conformed to individual REQUIREMENTS IN SIZE, SHAPE, and TEXTURE

Product Description and Features

  • Easy to grasp - Has no sharp corners or projections - Light weight plastic, consistent with strength - Extra long for better angle adaptation
  • The soft, pliable rubber tip is preferred because it can be adapted to the interdental (between the teeth) area and below the gingival margin more easily than the hard plastic tip
  • Long, narrow, and flexible - Makes available for cleaning mal-positioned teeth and distal surfaces
  • Each is individually wrapped in air-sealed plastic! Solid green color
  • L6 1/2" x W1/2" x H1 1/2"
  • 1.1 ounces (oz)
  • The DENTICATOR Co. Made in the USA
  • Exclusively to the Dental Offices
Buy Now Denticator Handle with Gum Massager Latex Free for $4.00 and you'll get durable, flexible, inexpensive and the best Gum Tip Stimulator on the USA market.

Tips and Advice on your Gum Stimulator

Place the rubber point so it rests between two teeth or trace along the gum margin with the tip positioned just below the margin.
Apply light pressure and a circular motion for 10 seconds to massage the gums.  Repeat from tooth to tooth.
For additional cleaning of the teeth, rub the tip against the teeth as it is moved in and out of contact areas.
Rinse the tip as indicated during use to remove debris, and wash thoroughly at the finish.
Rubber tip or Gum Stimulator should be changed:
  • every three to four months
  • sick people - at the beginning of an illness and after they feel better
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