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Polident Partials       

Polident Partials or Denture Cleanser Tablets For Partials have special cleaning agents and stain-attacking enzymes that family toothpastes don't have, to scrub out what brushing can miss.

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Even if you brush your dentures every day, you're missing something.  Brushing alone can miss odor-causing plaque and food particles trapped in crevices:
  • Use it every night for better odor control and to maintain original denture whiteness!
  • Safe on Metal Surfaces
  • Uniquely Formulated For Partial Dentures
  • Kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria
  • Triple Mint Fresh Odor Control


Polident Partials is  ESSENTIAL for:

  • Cleans Where Denture Brushing Can Miss!
  • Overnight whitening and to restore original whiteness
  • Cleans Touch Stains on Tooth and Metal Surfaces
  • Controls denture odor

It is also USEFUL for:

  • Toothbrushes: eliminates more than 99% of bacteria typically found on toothbrushes
  • Mouth Guards: Now there's a fast and easy way to get your mouthguard clean

Description and Features of Polident

  • Triple mint freshness
  • Poli-Vescent Power®, special cleaning agents and stain-attacking enzymes. Safe on Metal Surfaces
  • 36 Tablets

  • GlaxoSmithKline Company. Made in the USA
  • Major drug stores and online retailers.

Tips and Advice on your Polident Tablets

WARNINGS: Keep tablets out of reach of children.  Do not place tablets in the mouth.


  • Drop one Polident tablet into a denture bath or glass containing enough warm water (not hot) to cover dentures.
  • For clean, minty fresh dentures, use Polident at least once a day.
  • Your dentures may be safely, soaked in Polident solution overnight.
  • After soaking overnight, rinse denture or partial with running water.
  • For best results, brush dentures using Polident solution and rinse again.
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