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Toothbrush V-TRIM       



Description:  Toothbrush V-Trim Deluxe - PRACTIvalu is effective for care of dental devices: mouth-guards, night-guards, dentures, and perfect for orthodontic appliances.

Handle: A. Easy to grasp.

            B. Has no sharp corners or projections.

            C. Light weight plastic, consistent with strength.

Head:   A. Multi-tufted design. 

            B. Tufts are spaced closely.

            C. Narrow, compact V-Trim Bi-level plane (trim/profile) at the brushing surface.

            D. All filaments are soft and end-rounded o.oo7" nylon bristles for safety to oral soft tissues, tooth structure, and dental devices.

            E. White bristle or filaments height is 9 mm.

Shank:  Narrow, short, and flexible.

Size:     Adult Medium toothbrush only with 41-tufts: 11 tufts long and 4 rows wide.

Colors:  Individually wrapped in translucent jewel-toned handles and assorted solid colors: blue, green, pink, purple, orange as shown on a Product Image of Adult Medium toothbrushes.

Manufactured: PRACTIvalu Corporation. Made in the USA.            

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1 -- Conforms to individual patient requirements in size, shape, and texture.
  • Benefit 2 -- Easily and efficiently manipulated.
  • Benefit 3 -- Durable, flexible,  and inexpensive.
  • Benefit 4 -- Designed for utility and cleanliness.


Description SKU #   Price US $
Toothbrush V-Trim Deluxe - PRACTIvalu ------- 7.00 ea


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