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Sports Drink Kit       

Sports Drink Kit Set of 5: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mouth Rinse, Dental Floss, Chewing Gum includes everything needed to protect yourself and your family against dietary tooth erosion.

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A new Dental Kit contains all of the necessary supplies for rising the teeth acid resistance, re-mineralization, re-hardening and increasing salivary flow for prevention of dental or tooth erosion.

This line consists of follow significant 5 groups of OTC dental products:

  • Sports Drink Toothbrush (ELITE - RANIR®) - Classically-Styled, Fine Quality, Translucent, Medium Adult, Ultra-Soft Toothbrush - has been accepted for 45 Degree Angle the Bass Method or for Very Effective Sulcular Vibration Brushing
  • Fluoride Mint Waxed Floss (REACH® - JOHNSON&JOHNSON®) - is 3-in-1 Fluoride Action: prevent gum disease, tooth cavity and tooth erosion at the same time
  • Anticavity Chewing Gum (TRIDENT WHITE® - CADBURY ADAMS USA LLC) - is great tasting, long lasting sugarless gum that helps prevent stains and dental caries, aids in remineralization and whitens teeth

Indications and Key Benefits

Professional athlete consumes 2-3.5 gallons of acidic sports drink a day during training leading to dental or tooth erosion.

This Sports Drink Dental Kit is ESSENTIAL as a part of athlete nutrition and diet of athlete:

  • athlete women - famous athlete - female athlete - most paid athlete - professional athlete
It is also USEFUL for active real players:
  • football player - soccer player - basketball player - baseball player - hockey player - best soccer player - tennis player - universal player - volleyball player - golf player
You can PREVENT tooth erosion by choosing this Dental Kit if you are in excessive consumption of:
  • soft drinks - fruit drinks - fruit juices - carbonated drinks - colas - sodas - sports drink - energy drinks
Sports Drink Kit Set of 5 is also ESSENTIAL if you have multiple tooth decay or many fillings in your mouth:
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