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Sports Drink Toothbrush       

Sports Drink Toothbrush (ELITE - RANIR®) - Classically-Styled, Fine Quality, Translucent, Medium Adult, Ultra-Soft Toothbrush - has been accepted for 45 Degree Angle the Bass Method or for Very Effective Sulcular Vibration Brushing.

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Sports Drink Toothbrush is very effective for germs and plaque removal at the tooth-gum margin. Ultra-Soft nylon bristles with rounded ends would not hurt your teeth and gums.

Indications and Key Benefits

This toothbrush is ESSENTIAL for:
It is also USEFUL for:
Conformed to individual REQUIREMENTS IN SIZE, SHAPE, and TEXTURE
Manipulated EASILY and EFFICIENTLY as a part of Sports Drink Kit

Product Description and Features

  • Easy to grasp - Has no sharp corners or projections - Light weight plastic, consistent with strength - Thumb rests assist in brushing and vibration - Extra long for better angle adaptation
  • Multi-tufted design - Tufts are spaced closely to provide a smooth brushing plane - Narrow, compact flat plane (trim/profile) at the brushing surface - All filaments are Ultra-Soft, long lasting, and end-rounded o.oo7" nylon bristles for safety to oral soft tissues and tooth structure - White bristle or filaments height is 11 mm (7/16 inch)
  • Long, narrow, and flexible - Makes available for cleaning mal-positioned teeth and distal surfaces
  • Adult Medium toothbrush with 39-tufts: 10 tufts long and 4 rows wide
  • Individually wrapped in assorted solid translucent colors: blue, green, pink, purple, red of Medium Adult Ultra-Soft toothbrushes
  • L7 1/4" x W1/2" x H3/4"
  • 1.1 ounces (oz)
  • RANIR® Corporation. Made in the USA
  • Exclusively to the Dental Offices
Buy Now SPORTS DRINK TOOTHBRUSH for $3.75 and you'll get durable, flexible, Ultra-Soft, inexpensive and the best toothbrush on the USA market.

Tips and Advice on your Toothbrush

Toothbrush should have as a Bass Method of toothbrushing:
  • long, wide handle for a firm grasp
  • small head for easy access to all areas of the mouth, teeth and gums
  • narrow, compact flat plane at the brushing surface - makes correct brushing gentle on your teeth
  • soft or ultra-soft nylon bristles with rounded ends so you won't hurt your gums
Toothbrushes should be changed:
  • every three to four months before the bristles become splayed and frayed
  • sick people - at the beginning of an illness and after they feel better
You should brush your teeth at least 2-3 minutes twice a day - the length of a song on the radio.
Brush outside and inside the teeth, and especially on chewing surfaces and between teeth.
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Aleksandr V. Melekhin, DDS

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