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Tongue Cleaner       

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Tongue Cleaner or Tongue Scraper is a device with loop in one end to scrub the tongue for removing germs or plaque. The buildup of plaque on the tongue is the major source of bad breath or halitosis.

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Tongue Scraper such as F.D.A. approved Original OOLITT® Flexible-Low Ripple Edge is the #1 Brand Name in Dentistry:
  • Patented ripple edge works efficiently in removing the thick gelatinous coating plaque on the tongue
  • Clinically proven to function without causing gag reflex
  • Improves confidence, taste, by reducing mouth odor by 75%
  • Convenient, Safe, Effective and Easy to use

Indications and Key Benefits

This tongue scraper is ESSENTIAL for:
It is also USEFUL for:
It also increases taste equity for the ELDERLY.
Effectively helps REMOVE pathogenic fungi & yeast.
Great for PEOPLE WHO SMOKE, since it reduces heavy plaque.
Create more CONTROL and PRESSURE on the tongue for effective cleaning.

Product Description and Features

  • Plastic Strip - Original Innovation - OOLITT® Flexible-Low Ripple Edge
  • Individually wrapped in solid opaque white color
  • L7 1/2" x W1/2" x H1/32"
  • 1.1 ounces (oz)
  • OOLITT Advantage, Inc. Made in the USA
  • Exclusively to the Dental Offices
Buy Now Original OOLITT® TONGUE CLEANER for $3.75 and you'll get flexible, inexpensive and the #1 Brand Name in the USA Dentistry.

Direction for Use

Hold the OOLITT® firmly at both ends.
Bend into a "U" loop with the ripple edge toward the extended tongue.
Gently sweep from back to front and rinse debris.
Repeat 2-3 times and rinse mouth.
Use twice daily before brushing teeth.

Tips and Advice on your Tongue Cleaner

Each Flexible Tongue Cleaner lasts about 3 months.
Should be replaced every 3 months as with toothbrushes.
Should be replaced immediately after common cold, sore throat, fever, yeast infection, etc.
Don't brush your tongue with regular toothbrush and toothpaste.
Tongue scraping is 75% more effective than tongue brushing.
Don't scrape your tongue so hard that it hurts.
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