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Tooth Erosion       

Tooth Erosion or Dental Erosion or Enamel Erosion is severe loss of teeth structures or hard dental tissues by acids that does not involve bacteria or germs. Facial, visible surfaces of the teeth are most frequently affected.

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Appearance: smooth, dull, shallow depressions and deep wedge-shaped grooves; margins are not sharply demarcated.
More than a half 14-year-old school children have evidence of dental erosion.

What Causes it?

The most regular cause of tooth erosion is excessive consumption of soft drinks such as fruit drinks, fruit juices, carbonated drinks such as colas (sodas), sports drink, and energy drinks. Also erosive acids could be from frequent sucking of a lemon, exposure to chlorinated water in swimming pool, and teeth contact to regurgitated gastric fluids.

The Most Common Complications and Problems

Tooth erosion starts initially in the enamel and, if not treated, may progress to involve the yellowish underlying dentin.

Dental erosion can produce hypersensitivity or transient minor toothache to hot or cold, or to very sweet foods. This kind of tooth sensitivity cannot be controlled by simple methods.

Normal color of the tooth is changing in visible dull and yellowish appearance.

Advance of uncontrolled dental erosion makes the first moves to thinner and shorter teeth. At some point, the missing tooth structure requires the dental restorations.

So How's it Treated?

Generally speaking, your early treatment of tooth erosion is less painful and less expensive. The goal of treatment is to preserve tooth structures and prevent further destruction of the tooth.

Better oral hygiene should be started with the use of a dental sealants, tooth whitening, varnishing, contact fluoride gel. The incorporated fluoride makes enamel and dentin more strong. We include application of topical fluoride solutions as part of regular visits.

The missing tooth structure requires a dental restorations. Usually the composite or white fillings will be needed to repair the small and larger dental erosions.

The laminates, dental crowns or caps require if not be enough tooth structure remaining.

How Can You Avoid Tooth Erosion?

You can prevent tooth erosion by choosing essential - Sports Drink Dental Kit - 5 groups of OTC (over-the-counter) dental products as described in a Book "Sports Drink..." and e-book "Sports Drink and American Smile":

1) Ultra-soft Toothbrush or Soft Toothbrush – less traumatic and preventing tooth abrasion with Flat Brushing Plane – for equal gentle pressure on the teeth.

2) Low Abrasive Toothpaste - no damage to the tooth surface; Fluoride-containing Toothpaste – enhance acid resistance.

3) Fluoride Mouth Rinse - enhance acid resistance; Use Non-Alcohol Mouth Rinses – less toxic with and the same effective.

Fluoride Dental Floss - enhance acid resistance; Use Nylon Dental Floss –for strength and durability during application; Use Waxed Dental Floss –smooth surface helps to prevent trauma to soft tissue.

5) Sugar-free Chewing Gum - contributes also for cavity prevention; Use Chewing Gum with RECALDENT®- play a role in teeth re-mineralization.

Brush and floss your teeth 2 times a day for about 2 minutes each time. Mouth rinse regularly and daily.

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