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Toothpaste Oxyfresh       

Description: Oxyfresh Toothpaste eliminates sulfur compounds - the source of bad breath. Has safe and effective whitening and brightening properties. Also contains fine chalk, a gentle cleaning agent.

Directions for Use: Squeeze a pearl-sized amount onto toothbrush. Lightly brush teeth, gum line, and tongue using a gentle, circular motion for 2 minutes after each meal or snack.

Size: 5.5 oz. Tube in Box.

Manufactured: Oxyfresh Wordwide, Inc.. Made in the USA.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1 - Eliminates Bad Breath - Freshens Breath.
  • Benefit 2 - Safe for the Entire Family.
  • Benefit 3 - Super Concentrated.
  • Benefit 4 - Helps to Whiten Teeth.


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